Wave Knight keeps international relief effort 'on mission' in Haiti

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Royal Navy support ship RFA Wave Knight has again supported the international relief following Haiti’s devastating earthquake – this time assisting the French Navy.

As with US Army helicopters flying constant missions to the disaster zone, the tanker has helped sustain the Marine Nationale’s relief effort, providing their frigate FS Germinal with much-needed fuel to keep it on mission.

The Germinal has been off Haiti since Saturday. Much like Wave Knight she carries specialist teams ready to deliver aid. She loaded essential goods, including more than 30 tonnes of fresh water, working hand-in-hand with many French donors (Red Cross, Bernard Hayot group, Carrefour, authorities in Martinique).

As well as refuelling the Germinal and US Army Black Hawk helicopters of Joint Task Force Bravo – using the tanker’s flight deck as a ‘lilypad’ to spare them long trips back to base and spend more time delivering aid and assisting Haitians – the Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship is now into its seventh day of reconnaissance flights over the regions most affected by the August 14 disaster.

The sorties the tanker’s Wildcat helicopter is flying over the Tiburon Peninsula which was hit by the 7.2 magnitude quake provide crucial imagery and film footage, plus analysis from specialist commando engineer Captain Jake Lott RE, helping to guide relief efforts on the ground to where it is needed most.

Commander Brian Trim, in charge of the Royal Navy’s Caribbean task force – which also includes patrol ship HMS Medway – says the concerted international relief mission is making a difference.

“Our efforts here are reducing suffering in the communities affected by this disaster."

Our efforts here are reducing suffering in the communities affected by this disaster

Commander Brian Trim, RN Caribbean Task Force Commander