Today’s departure on operations has been achieved through the hard work and support of my ship’s company, their families and the wider defence enterprise in ensuring that we are materially and mentally ready to meet any of the challenges that we may face over the coming months

Commander Michael Carter-Quinn, Commanding Officer of HMS Dragon

In preparation for the deployment, the crew has undergone extensive training, culminating in a 7-week Operational Sea Training (OST) package. For many of the ship’s company this was their first experience of OST.

Leading Engineering Technician (CIS) Benjamin Miller said, “Having received my career training at HMS Collingwood, OST provided the environment to implement this training, putting my skills into practice and challenging myself to use the theoretical and practical elements of my course.

“Through the seven weeks you are challenged through the multiple training scenarios to make sure individually and collectively we are able to respond to anything thrown at us. It’s hard work but the sense of achievement at the end was great.”

Communications and Information Systems Specialist

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