Fitness is really important to everyone in the Navy and we have some fantastic fitness facilities which enable the personnel and civilians living on the base to maintain an active lifestyle.

Commodore Jim Higham

Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Cllr Lee Mason, said; "I'm thrilled to have the support of the Navy, who are such a core part of the city.

"I launched the campaign for my term in office as Portsmouth has higher rates of obesity than many other places in the UK and it's causing people to die younger and have a poorer quality of life.

"I also wanted to include a volunteering element as I'm a passionate volunteer and see how much of an impact it has on organisations.

"I'm hoping that the small changes I'm making to my lifestyle will inspire others as if I can do them anyone can. At the end of my year as Lord Mayor I'm really hoping to have made a lasting change for the city, and help it to be a healthier, better place to live. The Navy's support in achieving this is much appreciated."

Those in attendance got involved in a fitness circuit, supported by the Navy’s Physical Trainer’s (PT’s) and were given a cookery demonstration by The Royal Marines Commando Chef, Colour Sergeant Mike Beaton.

The RM Commando Chef regularly visits schools across the UK to teach them how to make healthy and nutritious meals, whilst also talking to them about life in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

Throughout the coming year personnel and civilians on the Naval Base will be getting involved in various activities to support the campaign; the first being the annual 1.8-mile Basin Run on the 19th September.

Visit to find out more about the campaign and to sign up.

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