Royal Marine Dad welcomes son to the Corps

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A proud Dad from Lancaster has presented his son with the Green Beret after he completed the gruelling Reserve Forces Commando Course.

Forty-one potential recruits began training in August last year, each hoping to earn the right to wear the coveted Green Beret and serve with Royal Marine Reserves (RMR) Merseyside. 

Only 17 made it to the first day of the Reserve Forces Commando Course with just nine successfully completing the training on Friday, November 16.

One of the successful trainees was 26-year-old Lancastrian Luke Croasdale, who was presented with his coveted green beret by his dad, Royal Marine Mark Croasdale (53), as he completed his final 30-mile march across Dartmoor. 

“I’m extremely proud to be part of this one-off moment for Luke,” said Mark, who is a Corporal at RMR Merseyside.  “It was great to be there and be such a big part of it.

“As a keen sportsman himself, winning the USMC Marathon in 1999 and a GB Olympic Skier in 1992, it was only inevitable that Luke would follow his father’s footsteps.

Speaking after completing the course, Luke Croasdale, who works in ground maintenance during his day job, said: “As I crossed the finish line Dad said to take my cap comforter off and handed me my Green Beret.  He said to put it on as I’ve worked hard and deserved it.

“I’m proud and happy to have finally passed and I’m looking forward to what the future brings and what else I can achieve in the Royal Marines Reserve.”

Luke’s father, as a junior Marine, previously served in the regular Marines joining in 1981 and serving in the Falklands, Northern Ireland and Iraq. 

After leaving the regulars he continued his service with RMR Merseyside where he oversees motor transport for the unit.

The Reserve Forces Commando Course is a two-week test, the culmination of 15 months of hard work and dedication to earn the Green Beret in the reserve forces.

The longest and hardest of all the UK reserve forces training, the fortnight consists of a five-day field exercise, a 12 mile “Yomp” or weighted march with 70lbs, followed by the same four Commando tests endured by their regular counterparts.

The Commando tests are:

             An endurance course consisting of two-miles cross country with obstacles, followed by a four-mile run back to camp with a marksmanship test at the end – all to be completed in 73 minutes.

             The nine-mile speed march where trainees run as a body of men and carry 21lbs and a rifle – to be completed in 90 minutes.

             The Tarzan assault course which is a mixture of the high-rope assault course and bottom field assault course – to be completed in 13 minutes.

             And finally, the infamous 30-mile march across Dartmoor in eight hours carrying all their kit and safety stores for the day. 

The other successful reservists received their berets from Commando Training Centre Royal Marines Regimental Sergeant Major, Warrant Officer 1 Davitt who will shortly retire from the Corps after 34-years of exemplary service.

RMR Merseyside recruits and training Royal Marines from across the Midlands and Northern England, with Detachments in Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Nottingham. 

I’m proud and happy to have finally passed and I’m looking forward to what the future brings and what else I can achieve in the Royal Marines Reserve.

Luke Croasdale