The health and wellbeing of all our personnel is essential to the Royal Navy, our civilian colleagues and industrial partners, both from a professional and personal viewpoint.

Colonel Simon Chapman

He added that an important aim of the fair was for staff to take home the advice and guidance they receive, so their friends and family benefitted.

Will Erith, of Babcock, MOD’s major industrial partner, said: "Health and wellbeing is very important for all our employees and we encourage everyone to take active steps to improve their health.

The healthier and happier an employee is the more productive and efficient they are.  The more energy a person has, the more positive and enthusiastic they tend to be,  which all makes for the best workplaces and ultimately benefits the company and the community.’’

He said Babcock had a sustainable travel to work policy which encouraged staff to use the fitter option of bikes if practical and provided bike lanes.

Chris Trevitt, of Interserve, said the company had a sustainable policy which helped create an environment suitable for a productive workforce, good for their wellbeing.  His grounds team regenerated barren areas and brought colour to the Naval Base among other ways of creating a relaxing and enjoyable workplace.

Also attending was Elmer the colourful elephant sculpture and a colleague belonging to St Luke’s Hospice. The sculptures will be followed by others commissioned to be painted with different themes.

The ‘herd’ will be sited around Plymouth centre for the Elmer’s Big Parade event next year to encourage healthy exercise and ultimately raise funds for the hospice. Elmer is a children’s story character by David McKee, Devon-born artist and author.

HMNB Devonport

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