We've learnt about boats and how they float. Also we've learnt about the Royal Navy and what they do. We had to use team work to go across the wires on the low ropes

Pupil Charlie Gordon, aged 12

The visit followed the recent signing of twinning agreement between BRNC and Dartmouth Academy aimed at strengthening ties. Under this agreement Officer Cadets from BRNC and pupils of the Academy will meet and interact in an educational, cultural and sporting environment, with the intention of improving the understanding of the Royal Navy, community relations and international culture.

Mike Canning, PE teacher, said, "As teachers we record a score after each lesson based on the pupils' attitude and behaviour. This group had the best scores and so as a reward they've come to the College. As an aside to that quite a few of our pupils live in houses just outside of the College. They've spent their whole lives growing up here and have never come on to this soil.

“For them it's a tremendous opportunity to see what's on the other side of the fence.  Others have families that are in the Royal Navy.  The idea is to get across to them all, the things the Navy does, to motivate and inspire them to do something different if they want to."

A group of Officer Cadets from BRNC have also spent time at Dartmouth Academy helping with odd jobs and teaching the pupils some Royal Navy basics such as knot tying, chart work and drill.

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