I asked the Minister, with us about to make a substantial change in our lives, how did being in the Armed Forces change and mould him as a person. He told us that the discipline will shape us to become better people in everyday life

Trainee Engineering Technician Declan Shelley

Recruit Joe Crawford, aged 27 from Rotherham, joined the Royal Navy to gain a trade. He said: “I think this was a useful session for everyone involved. 

“I think it was probably nice for the Minister to come and see the standards and the environment that we are living in. I think it was nice for the class to speak to someone in such a high position and get their perspective on things.”

The Minister was also shown around the recruits’ accommodation block and later went to visit the National Youth Training Centre that provides courses to hundreds of young people who belong to the Cadets Forces, each year.   

He was also invited to see a group of Royal Navy recruits undergoing fire-fighting and damage control training in HMS Raleigh’s state-of-the-art simulators.

During a two-day visit to the South West, the Minister also visited Devonport Naval Base and the Royal Marines base at Chivenor.

Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering)

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