We took the opportunity to exchange ideas with our counterparts in the USNA leadership department

Commander Faye Arend

Commander Faye Arend, Head of the Royal Naval Leadership Academy (RNLA) said:  “Bringing these people together alongside the best minds in the science of leadership to exchange ideas, experiences and methodologies proved to a positive experience for all those involved.”

The conference was run by the USNA Cadets and attracted an impressive line-up of guest speakers that included author Mr Simon Sinek, the former Vice-President of the USA, Mr Richard B. Cheney and The Honourable Madeline Albright, a former US Ambassador to the United Nations and the first woman to have become the Unites States Secretary of State.

These talks were followed by panel discussions involving a Paralympic medallist, an astronaut and other Defence Staff who all offered valuable ideas and advice on leadership.

There was also an opportunity for the party to get involved in breakout sessions with other conference goers to discuss the ideas presented by the speakers.

Cdr Arend said:  “As staff at the RNLA we took the opportunity to exchange ideas with our counterparts in the USNA leadership department, while the three students got the chance to live alongside Midshipmen and sample what it would be like to go through the USNA.

“Sleeping and eating alongside their American counterparts was certainly an eye-opening experience as many American customs seemed far removed from life at BRNC. 

“A quick trip to Washington DC topped off a very educational and inspirational trip to the US, where everyone involved took away some valuable lessons to develop them both personally and professionally as leaders within the Royal Navy.”

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