We hope it will help humanise this period of history and inspire people to visit both well-known and off-the-beaten-track commission cemeteries and memorials where these men and women are remembered

Max Dutton, Commonwealth War Graves Commission historian

Among the lesser-known naval stories to be published by the commission is the fate of Josephine Carr – the first Wren to die as a result of enemy action.

She drowned when the liner RMS Leinster was torpedoed off Dublin on October 10. With Germany negotiating for peace at the time, the sinking drew international condemnation on a par with the loss of the Lusitania.

And the team at Maidenhead are also researching the role of the Royal Navy in the global flu pandemic which wiped out one in every twenty of the earth’s inhabitants – upwards of 100 million people died; there’s increasing evidence to suggest British and other sailors were responsible for the killer’s disease spread.

The Road to Peace stories will be shared across the CWGC’s digital channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with one story appearing daily and a more in-depth feature weekly.

The initiative ends on November 11 with accounts featuring 11 people killed on the war’s last day will feature.

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