by supplying students with the tools and freedom to explore and experiment we empower our engineers to solve problems, come up with innovative solutions, and constructively challenge the system both now and later in their careers

Lieutenant Carl Marin-Ortega, the Course Leader

Lieutenant Commander Lee Packer from MarCap who was the sponsor of the projects and helped to fund the Dare:Hub via MoD said, “In my opinion this was an excellent example of innovation, learning whilst doing, and we should continue to mature its delivery. The initiative is timely given the year of engineering and it offers value to the individual.”

In a unique twist, the prototype projects had to pitch their idea to a mock 'Dragon’s Den', who scored the projects based on their feasibility and potential. One of the students, Sub-Lieutenant Knight, said, “it was fun, but challenging as there were a lot of tough questions!”

One VIP who acted as a 'Dragon' was Commander David Goldsmith, SWEO to FOST(S) who said, “These prototype projects have provided a tangible example of how cheap, capable and versatile modern microprocessors can provide potential technical solutions to many of the current challenges faced by the front line and which we regularly see at FOST.

"This project was really useful in that it opened our Junior Engineer Officers’ eyes to the importance of understanding of how these systems interface with each other and how they are programmed such that they will be better placed to exploit innovative technology to solve real world problems when they reach the front line.”

Midshipman Scott Bentley, the Systems Engineering Management Course (SEMC) class leader, said that, “the SEMC project was a unique experience, we were able to draw from the experiences of all team members with diverse backgrounds; from experienced Naval Engineers to graduates with unique degrees. It was good to feel like we were improving a part of the RN”.

Commander John Brennan, the Officer in Charge of all Weapon Engineer Training at HMS Collingwood said, “I think today was a huge success and is testament to the hard work the multinational teams have put in. Three groups consisting of New Zealand, Pakistani and Royal Navy Engineer Officers worked together to design, build and demonstrate their projects to great acclaim.”

Weapon Engineer Officer

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