They may be thousands of miles from home, but the sailors and marines of the Royal Navy can’t outrun Cupid’s arrow.

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From the scorching operational arenas of the Gulf to the frozen lands of Norway, sailors and Royal Marines have been taking a moment to think about their loved ones while they serve at home and abroad.

The men and women of Type 45 destroyer HMS Daring – currently deployed in the Gulf – took a brief pause in their busy day to form a red love heart on the flight deck of their Portsmouth-based ship.

Meanwhile symbols of Royal Navy sailors’ love for their sweethearts at home have been cropping up across the fleet – as the images below show.

While Valentine’s Day is a tedious event for some, for the men and women of the Naval Service it is a chance to reflect on the sacrifices made by their loved ones at home – and the continued support they offer their partners deployed on operations around the globe.