I feel immensely proud of the team and all we have achieved.

Lieutenant Commander Kirsty Marlor

The Sopwith Pup Trophy for the ships flight that achieves and maintains the highest degree of operational capability over the year was awarded to 204 Flight of HMS Daring, by RAdm Blount to Lt Andrew Henderson who was delighted with the recognition of 204’s hard work.

Lt Henderson said: “The operational success we enjoyed is testimony to the dedication, teamwork and commitment of 204 Flight despite many challenges, I’m really proud.“

Following the presentation of several other awards the band began to play once more and it was eyes right past RAdm Blount.

A vast amount of aviation training happens at RNAS Yeovilton and an event like this provides an ideal opportunity to acknowledge personnel’s achievements across all departments of a very busy air station recognising the exceptional contribution of an individual or team to UK maritime aviation.

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