It’s been a fantastic day for the College and I‘m really proud of our cadets.

Captain Nick Mason

Parading in his honour, Admiral Woodcock inspected the Cadets before he took the salute and made a formal address to assembled VIPs, parents and the Staff at the college. The creation of the new Unit makes Ernest Bevin’s cadets only the second CCF Royal Marines Detachment in the whole of London.

The Royal Marines CCF Contingent Commander is Captain Nick Mason, who also doubles as one of the Geography teachers. He has taught at Ernest Bevin’s since 2008 and served in the British Army as a platoon commander with the Mercian Regiment.

“It’s been a fantastic day for the College and I‘m really proud of our cadets,” said Nick.

"To be at the start of something that is going to be big makes me very proud. The way it’s all come together has been great and It’s also been a good experience for the parents, who’ve come along to see what we are doing and understand that this is all about leadership, teamwork and communication.”

The New RM CCF unit is part of the Cadet Expansion Programme (CEP), with the aim to promote military ethos in schools, to instil values in young people that will help them get the most out of their lives, and contribute to their communities across the country.

The pupils are developing qualities such as self-discipline, loyalty and respect, strong leadership, teamwork and resilience. The programme focuses on CCF units ensuring that as many pupils from a state school have the chance to experience the life-enriching activities of military cadets as part of school life.

This creates positive benefits in all areas of school life including the character skills strongly valued by employers such as leadership, teamwork, communication, integrity and career progression.

The CCF is a voluntary youth organisation that operates in state and independent schools across the country. Each section; Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army or Air Force is administered and sponsored by its respective service, in Ernest Bevin’s case the Royal Navy.

“I’ve been in the Cadets for about six months and it’s been interesting and really good,” said Lance Corporal Areeb Sheikh (17) and in year 12.

“I like being part of a group like this and I’m gaining a lot of confidence, working together with others. I get a lot of pride being one of Ernest Bevin’s, Royal Marines Cadets.”

Royal Marines Commando

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