HMS Northumberland and the marine engineering department in particular have risen to every challenge posed to them during this intense period of operation and are fully deserving of this high level of recognition.

Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral Ben Key

The ship was engaged in a wide range of maritime security operations, including counter-piracy, counter -drugs, escort duties, boarding operations and international exercises, all designed to deter, disrupt illegal use of the sea to protect maritime security and secure freedom of navigation and trade for all nations.

The engineers also excelled themselves during the a period in dock, despite unplanned personnel changes, when a gas turbine and two main diesel engines had to be replaced.  All this was achieved successfully while maintaining team cohesion.

During a challenging period of operational sea training the impressive performance continued and the engineers continued to exceed expectations when they integrated the Royal Navy’s first ship-based engineering training squadron.

Adm Key said if it had not been for the department’s sheer grit and determination the ship’s new vital training role might not have been as successful and as such the crew had set the standard for other ships in the same role.

HMNB Devonport

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