Minehunting crew triumph on football pitch

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Footballers from HMS Middleton beat the odds to thrash the crew of an Australian frigate 8-1 in the 40C heat of Bahrain.

HMAS Perth has a crew of 170 – three-and-a-half times more than that of the British Hunt-class minehunter.

Neither side played particularly exciting football in the draining sunshine but Middleton emerged victors, thanks to hat-tricks by both AB Tom ‘Deano’ Dean and LS(MW) Eddie Edmondson.

“I am delighted with the result,” said AB Dean. “I guess it is a question of which sport to compete at next when both our crews are next in port together.”

The event, organised by AB Chris ‘Rocky’ Kay and LS(MW) Ashley Stone, took place at Bahrain Rugby Club.

Middleton’s MCM2 Crew 6 are currently on duty in the Gulf.

I am delighted with the result

AB Dean