Visit to triumph motorcycles

Members of HMS Triumph’s Ship’s Company enjoyed a well earned break from their busy maintenance period last month as they visited Triumph Motorcycles.

Seven members of the crew travelled from HMNB Clyde, where HMS Triumph is undergoing a displaced maintenance period, to visit the Triumph Motorcycle factory in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

Hosted by the Sales Director, Bruno Tagliaferri, the submariners were shown around the main manufacturing plant at the company’s headquarters.

The factory was not what I expected.

CPOMA Antell

CPOMA Antell, the senior medic onboard and organiser of the visit, said: “The factory was not what I expected; I was anticipating one big production line, but the majority of the factory was full of the machinery producing parts for a relatively small but extremely modern and slick assembly line.”

HMS Triumph has enjoyed her affiliation with Triumph Motorcycles over several years, with many of her Ship’s Company benefiting from the discounts offered by the Plymouth dealership.

HMS Triumph is now nearing the end of her maintenance period and is due to sail for Work-Up in the autumn.