HMS Ambush has proven her capabilities as one of the most advanced submarines in the world and this successful deployment is proof that the Astute-class can operate anywhere in the world

Commander Alan Daveney, Commanding Officer of HMS Ambush

Ambush also provided operational experience for 25 trainee submariners who had joined the boat as part of the process of earning their dolphins, the final step in being awarded the unique badge which signifies their hard won status as fully qualified submariners.  

One of the trainees was Engineering Technician Aidon Bale who was on board as part of the Marine Engineering Fast Track to Leading Hand programme prior to his first draft in the Royal Navy.

“My training time deployed with HMS Ambush was a great experience,” he said. “We were fully tested both practically and academically during our time on board. I am very proud to have been awarded my dolphins and become a fully qualified Royal Navy submariner.”

Aidon will now enjoy a period of leave with his family before deploying again in 2016.

Ambush also made port visits to Gibraltar and Soudha Bay in Crete, and became the first UK nuclear submarine to visit Limassol, where she hosted the Cypriot Defence Minister, several key Cypriot military leaders and the UK Sovereign Base Area Commanding Officer. 

During her time in Cyprus the crew had a well earned break, enjoying a range of adventurous training events including off-road driving, karting and kite-surfing.

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Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering)

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