Triumph Continues to Raise Money for Affiliate Charity

HMS Triumph has used her time alongside in her maintenance period to undertake visits with her affiliates and raise money for her affiliated charity in Blackpool.

Brian House Trinity Hospice provides palliative care for children and HMS Triumph’s Ship’s Company has visited to carry out work in their grounds twice already this year. 

With the Submarine in her maintenance period in Faslane rather than her home port of Plymouth, Triumph has been able to visit Blackpool much more easily.

Firstly, personnel from Triumph took it upon themselves to organise a charity triathlon, starting in Faslane and ending in Blackpool, in an effort to raise money for Brain House.

The race consisted of a 1 mile swim across the Gareloch, a 230 mile cycle through the Lake District and a half marathon through Blackpool.

The triathlon started on a calm but grey morning early on the Gareloch to catch the slack tide. With a police launch in place as a safety boat and kayaker on hand to lead the way for the swimmers, the event was on.  

A total of five people were brave enough to plunge into the currents of the Gareloch, which has an average temperature of seven degrees Celsius during the month of the swim, covering themselves head to toe in as much neoprene as possible.  

Chief Petty Officer (Coxswain) Andy Turton was the only member to have ever participated in an open water swim and led the way from the beginning.

An open water swim across the Gareloch is definitely one of the bigger challenges I’ve taken on in the Royal Navy

Petty Officer ‘Digger’ Gardner, HMS Triumph

With recent heavy rainfall the ebbing tide lasted slightly longer than anticipated; the swimmers had some tidal stream to contend with as well.

All swimmers were clear of the water after a mere 45 minutes, with those who were going onto the cycle rapidly being transported to HMS Neptune for a hot shower and a change into cycling gear.  

Petty Officer ‘Digger’ Gardner said about the swim, "An open water swim across the Gareloch is definitely one of the bigger challenges I’ve taken on in the RN. I’ve never taken part in an open water swim before and this is one that not many people will have ticked off."

With the swim over, the cycle team assembled outside HMS Neptune Supermess. They set off eagerly to make their way South. After an arduous journey through the Lake District (enjoying the view as much as they could) they made their way into Blackpool with the weather treating them kindly all the way.

The final stage of the triathlon saw the saddle sore members of the team running 13.1 miles through Blackpool town centre and along the sea front, ending outside the Town Hall where they were received by the Lord Mayor of Blackpool, Councillor Valerie Haynes. 

Despite the runners not being their most presentable, they were invited into the Council Chambers for refreshments and a tour.

Triumph returned to the town of Blackpool for Armed Forces weekend to attend the town’s parade. They then managed to continue their work in the gardens of Brian House so that the residents can carry on enjoying them for the remainder of the summer.

Currently, HMS Triumph is taking part in Brian House’s Corporate Challenge, where companies are given money by the hospice to ‘grow’ into as much money as they can. 

This brings the total raised by Triumph for the Hospice to almost ₤2000 this year and the submarine looks forward to raising more money for the charity in the future.