An early Christmas Dinner will be enjoyed by the Ship’s Company before we return from deployment.

Captain Nick Cooke-Priest RN

The pudding can be aged for a month, months or even a year due to its high alcohol content which prevents it from spoiling.

HMS Bulwark is taking part in COUGAR 15, the annual deployment of the UK’s Very High Readiness Joint Expeditionary Force (Maritime).

This year, a series of demanding exercises designed to ensure the group’s readiness for contingent operations culminated in Exercise Trident Juncture, a flagship NATO exercise that brought together 30 nations, 60 ships and 36000 personnel, for the largest naval exercise in a decade.

HMS Bulwark departed UK waters in late September with nearly 100 extra Royal Marines from across 3 Commando Brigade and an additional staff of over 100 specialist personnel required to command the Task Group and its activities. 

The Ship is scheduled to return to the United Kingdom toward the middle of December.