During the visit, Remembrance Sunday ceremonies were conducted both on board and ashore. 

Commanding Officer Captain Rory Bryan, Executive Officer Commander Fox and Executive Warrant Officer WO1 Tompkins RM stepped ashore to be hosted by Commander British Forces (Commander Edward Lees) for a combined UK and US ceremony with Captain Craig Snyder USN and many of his team, whilst the rest of the Ship’s Company conducted a single service onboard. 

It was a poignant day for all to pay their respects in such an idyllic setting and one which will not be forgotten. 

The ceremonies were followed by an Official Reception onboard for the US team, giving them an opportunity to see first hand the unique capabilities of Protector, which is a capability that the USN is developing for themselves. 

The highlight of the day included a friendly but competitive football match played between the ship’s company and the team from Diego Garcia. 

Unfortunately despite a valiant effort from HMS Protector, they were beaten 2-1 (it was only polite to let our hosts win). 

The day was finished with a finely hosted BBQ and evening social in the local Brit Club on the island, which is run by the small British Forces Team on the island. 

Being the first visit to Diego Garcia for many of the Ship’s Company, it was also a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some down-time on the beach and get acquainted with the local wildlife, including the island’s giant crabs! 

This month, HMS Protector continues her warmer theme as she makes her way South to Australasia, promising some more memorable port visits for everybody on board.

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