The Astute Class represent the future of the Royal Navy submarine service.

Commander Justin Codd

Welcoming them was Commander Justin Codd, the Commanding Officer of HMS Ambush, who found the visit particularly useful as he will become the next “Teacher” of the Submarine Command Course.

“The Astute Class represent the future of the Royal Navy submarine service,” said Commander Codd, “so it is vital that those who wish to become submarine commanders are fully familiar with the vessels.

“While parts of previous courses have been undertaken onboard an A-Boat, this will be the first time the entire course has been run on an Astute Class submarine.

“I was delighted to be able to host the students and to show them around this remarkable vessel.”

Of the six students, four are from the Royal Navy, one from the US Navy and one from the French Maritime Nationale.  

Sailors from allied navies have been involved in Perisher from the time of the Second World War onwards, reflecting the high-regard in which the course is held internationally.

As well as becoming familiar with the Royal Navy’s newest attack submarine, the students also had an opportunity to tour the oldest in order to fully appreciate how much things have changed.  

Teacher organised for the group to attended the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport where they visited “Holland 1” the first submarine commissioned by the navy back in 1901. 

The UK Submarine Command Course is in four phases, mixing practice ashore on high-tech simulators with practical experience at sea onboard submarines.  

At the end of the course the students are put through their paces at sea during realistic exercises designed to test them to the very limit.  

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