The Devonport-based ship’s sea boats collected 188 migrants, 18 of them females, from the rubber craft and provided initial care, sustenance and assistance before transferring those saved to the Médecins Sans Frontières ship MV Bourbon Argos so Enterprise could resume her life-saving patrols.

Since the survey vessel took over from HMS Bulwark back in July, she’s accounted for saving the lives of more than 2,600 people.

In addition to Enterprise conducting lifesaving patrols in the central Mediterranean over the festive season, there are Royal Navy sailors, medics and  Royal Marines commandos aboard a vessel charted by Border Force, the MV Vos Grace.

She’s operating in the Aegean, helping to pick up people trying to cross into Europe via the shorter route to the Greek islands.

HMNB Devonport

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