Before arriving in Rio de Janiero RFA Gold Rover participated in Exercise Unitas which is a multinational exercise based off the coast of Sao Paulo and Brazil. Nations involved include Chile, Mexico, Peru, Brazil and the USA with the Aircraft carrier the USS George Washington being the lead ship.  

RFA Gold Rover was the only UK asset attending this large American annual exercise.

Phase II of Exercise Unitas commenced after the ship arrived in Rio de Janeiro where the SOE continued.  The Captain attended a press reception and a number of meetings including an exercise de-brief. Members of the crew participated in the painting of a local school and a sports day which was followed by a BBQ.

Evening receptions were held onboard a BAP Quinones and a BNS Liberal.

The exercise culminated in the closing ceremony followed by a reception which was hosted by USS George Washington.

Before sailing many of the ship’s company visited the iconic sites of Rio where they visited Sugar Loaf Mountain, the statue of Christ the Redeemer and Copacabana Beach.

The old girl then hitched up her skirts, took a deep breath and headed east across the Atlantic once again towards Simonstown, South Africa for a maintenance period over Christmas and the New Year.

Marine Engineer Officer (RFA)

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