HMS Duncan arrives in Cardiff for NATO Summit

The sixth-in-class of the Royal Navy’s state-of-the-art Type 45 destroyers arrived in the Welsh capital late afternoon yesterday, expertly sailing through incredibly narrow berthing with just 70cm manoeuvring room either side.

Having recently been deployed to support the WW1 celebrations in Glasgow and hosting the BBC for the Commonwealth Games, Duncan is once again in the public and political eye.

Commanding Officer, Commander Richard Atkinson, said: “As the newest operational warship in the Royal Navy, we are proud to support this historic NATO summit.

“We look forward to showing off HMS Duncan to local and international dignitaries, military allies and members of the public during our week in Cardiff.

We are proud to support this historic NATO summit.

Commander Richard Atkinson RN

He continued, “My team are also looking forward to visiting the great city of Cardiff, known amongst sailors for its warm and vibrant welcome.”

Over the next two days a small flotilla of NATO warships will also assemble in Cardiff for the international event.

Alongside HMS Duncan will be ships from France (La Motte-Picquet – an anti-submarine frigate), Norway (HNoMS Skudd – a corvette), Lithuanian (LKL Kursis – a minehunter) and the Netherlands (HNLMS Urk – a minesweeper) which will all be engaged in official, ceremonial and public duties.

As well as their official duties all the ship’s companies have been invited to participate in a NATO Summit (maritime) 7-a-side football tournament. Competition organiser Lieutenant Commander Brian Hayse said: “There has been great support for this event from all of the ships I am sure it will be a friendly but very competitive tournament.”

To finish on a high for the assembled flotilla Cardiff City Council has planned a Public Military Event (Meet the Services) around Roath Basin where the public will be able to visit the warships and meet elements of the Royal Air Force and Army.

LA(Phots) Alex Knott And Nicky Wilson