Being awarded one’s Wings is, without doubt, the most significant day in the professional life of a young Naval Aviator.

Commander Glyn Owen RN

The ceremony saw three Pilots, Lt Oliver Bundock RN, Lt Dal Nwokora RN and Lt Matthew Johnson RN awarded their ‘Wings’ after 5 long years of flying training!

Lt Matthew Johnson said “It was a mixture of the local sea air and a one hour flight at the age of 14 with a late family member that cemented my decision to become a pilot”.

Lt James Hume RN received his Wings as an Observer having decided to join an organisation that could “support my professional adventurous outlook, The Royal Navy!” He receives his Wings following 4 years of training.

Commander (Cdr) Glyn Owen, the Commanding Officer (CO) of 702 NAS said at the ceremony; “On behalf of the Officers and Ratings of 702 Naval Air Squadron, it is with enormous pleasure that I welcome you here today for the presentation of Wings to Lynx Course 2/13 and the Decommissioning of the Lynx Training Squadron after 36 years.

“Being awarded one’s Wings is, without doubt, the most significant day in the professional life of a young Naval Aviator.

“ The Officers graduating today have the additional honour of receiving their Wings from our Guest of Honour Vice Admiral Richards CB, Chief of Defence Intelligence.

“We thank him for giving so generously of his valuable time to be with us.” Cdr Owen added “To all of our friends and colleagues, but particularly the families of those graduating, I hope you have a wonderful and memorable day.”

During the ceremony time was taken to reflect on and acknowledge 702 Squadron’s history as they transition from the Lynx to the Wildcat and commission and operate as 825 NAS, a Wildcat Squadron, from 1 August 2014.

While the ceremony marking the commissioning of 825 NAS takes place on 10 October 14 this represents the start of an interim period for Lynx Wildcat Maritime Force (LWMF) between the current and future structures.

There will be a ' transition' from Lynx to Wildcat until 2017 with all Force elements establishing at one location at RNAS Yeovilton in 2016.

The Wildcat HMA Mk 2 will offer a lightweight, versatile helicopter capable of operating in all weathers delivering exceptional military capability in support of maritime, littoral and land manoeuvre, force protection and maritime strike.

RNAS Yeovilton

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