This badge provides a unity of purpose, effort and pride.

Commodore Simon Ancona RN

Leading Seaman Gary McAllister and Petty Officer Samantha 'Sam' Dixon were both present when the MCMVs first deployed to the Middle East, currently serving on HMS Ramsey, they are now on their fourth deployment to Bahrain.

PO Dixon said, “Since 2006, the organisation has grown, and is now very well supported. I really like the badge, as it gives us all a single identity.”

Commander Neil Marriott, Commander of the UK’s Mine Warfare Battle Staff, said, “The funnel badge provides distinctiveness, a collective team identity and a single banner to sail under. It illustrates a unified force with a common purpose and an enduring commitment to the Gulf region.”

During the unveiling of the new funnel badge Cdre Ancona said, “This badge provides a unity of purpose, effort and pride. It underscores the dedication, commitment and drive of the squadron as they go about their duties, maintaining freedom of navigation and maritime security in this very challenging environment.”