That was part of the appeal of joining up really; you get to go to some places you probably wouldn’t have thought about going to before.

Marine Rubehn Enjily

The Lead Commando Group of 42 Commando is a Royal Marine unit that stands ready to react to events anywhere in the world at extremely short notice.

Under the exercise scenario they practise landing on the shores of a hostile nation after launching an assault from HMS Bulwark and then carry out a series of mock assaults on enemy positions as they continue to build their core skill of amphibious warfare.

This will be third time the UK and Albanian forces have worked together after the RFTG was formed following the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review.

Marine Rubehn Enjily, 24, a former pupil of Cokethorpe School in Witney and a graduate from Sheffield Hallam University is in K Company who will also be training in the United Arab Emirates and Oman over the next few months.

“I’m looking forward to seeing new places, working in different climates and getting new experiences,” he said, as these will be his first visits to Albania, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

The RFTG regularly exercises with other nations’ forces, not only when it is deployed on Cougar 13. So far this year, 42 Commando have taken part in exercises with the French, Dutch, Swedish, Lithuanian and Latvian forces.