These preparations will build towards being ready to deploy next year with a well-trained and capable fighting team.

Commander Tom Tredray RN

Chief Petty Officer ‘Cat’ Stephens, 33, the ship’s Senior Ordnance Engineer said: 

“There’s a lot of work preparing and conducting safety checks on the weapons and the mountings, especially for their first use.

"The practice firings went well and reminded the younger sailors what we are all about.”

The firing of the torpedo system included testing the firing system from the Operations Room and in Local Control to ensure that HMS Iron Duke is capable of defending against a submarine threat in any situation.

In firing the training torpedo into the water, the specialist seaman also got some training benefit using the ship’s boats in recovering the 100kg dummy Stingray back to the ship for re-use.

Weapons Engineering Technician, ‘Sam’ Kelly, 21, said:

“As it was a training torpedo I wasn’t expecting much but it was really impressive when it ‘fired’ off.”

HMS Iron Duke is on sea trials until later this year prior to attending the intensive Flag Officer Sea Training package of operational preparation exercises early in 2014.

The ship’s company of 180 officers and ratings come from all over the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, and provide a range of expertise in areas of engineering, logistics and maritime warfare activities.