It was invaluable to see the splendid work of the College up close and to be able to interact meaningfully with staff and cadets.

Rabbi Reuben Livingstone

He continued: "The Captain's commitment and vision, coupled with the support of a truly first rate chaplaincy team reassured me that the College will continue to prosper both educationally and morally.

"Moreover, the excellent diversity awareness in evidence offers a supportive environment for people of all cultures and religions, including my own community.”

As a member of the Royal Army Chaplains department, Rabbi Livingstone holds a commission in the British Army.

He is among a number of Armed Forces Chaplains who have a dual responsibility to provide spiritual care for Service personnel, and their families, within their denomination as well as to provide practical pastoral care for personnel of all faiths or those who have no religious beliefs.

The Armed Forces have also appointed religious leaders from the Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faiths to act as advisers on matters specific to those faith groups.

On leaving BRNC Rabbi Livingstone continued his tour of the South West at Devonport Naval Base.