Royal Navy promotes Science and Engineering

Two Royal Navy Engineer Officers have been nominated for the 2013 Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Excellence Award.

Lieutenants Jenna Kelway and Aleesha Mitchell recently received the Royal Navy’s nomination for the 2013 WISE Excellence Award in recognition of their outstanding work, motivation and professionalism.

The WISE Excellence Award is presented annually to recognise the achievement of women in the early stages of their (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career.

Lt Kelway is a Marine Engineer currently employed as a Propulsion Project Officer in The Netherlands.

In this role she provides engineering guidance and holds financial responsibilities for the Gas Turbine Memorandum of Understanding between the UK and The Netherlands.

She has ably risen to the daily challenges presented by a complex and evolving working environment where she deals with the demands of international cooperation on gas turbines, ranging from basic turbine engineering to finance, she said,

“I love seeing something happen as the result of a project or task I have been working on - this has always been the case ever since I was at school: lab experiments being my favourite class, whether they were successful or not.”

Lt Aleesha Mitchell is a Weapons Engineer working in Defence, Equipment and Support (DE&S) as the Technical Manager for Combat Management Systems.

Her first project in this role was to replace the ADAWS Command System, based on early 80s technology, on three of the RN’s largest warships, HMS Ocean, Bulwark and Albion, with a modern equivalent. 

She followed this by taking on an even more ambitious project, seeking to virtualise and re-architect almost all the fighting equipment electronics to extend the life of 13 Type 23 Frigates.

Lt Mitchell said she chose a career in STEM because,

“As soon as I entered secondary school, the need to understand how things worked was stimulated.

“This interest stretched to all science subjects but it was physics with its underlying language of mathematics that really captured my imagination.” 


I love seeing something happen as the result of a project or task I have been working on.

Lieutenant Jenna Kelway RN