As a mark of respect, and to show loyalty to those that have fought for our country in the past and for those that are proudly doing so currently I proudly wear my poppy.

PO Wtr Michelle Evans, HMS Montrose

For others, including Able Seaman (Warfare Specialist Tactical Systems Submarines) Martin McNair of HMS Triumph, it is to remember those who have given their lives for their country and the Legion’s work in helping their families.

He added: “I believe the work the Legion carries out raising money to support the wounded and homeless veterans of our nation is vital, and the support they give the families left behind equally so.

“The poppy itself to me outwardly shows that I remember and ultimately respect the fallen.”

To read more of the tributes made by Royal Navy personnel serving across the world please click on the images in the gallery below. We will be adding more tributes daily.