I wanted to provide an area that had the ability to be used for any type of workout

Leading Physical Trainer Danny Card, HMS Monmoth's 'Clubswinger'

As well as the option of circuit training he has created a Boxing Gym on the Quarter Deck (QD), consisting of x2 heavy bags, x1 hook bag and x1 medium size bag all securely fixed to the QD Bulkhead, therefore ready for use at any time.

Clubz Danny said, “my oppo in the Sports office (also known as the Regulating office), LReg Ian Nash came up with the idea of calling it the 'Hayemaker Gym' as he is a massive David Haye fan. 

“He also got in touch with the former Heavyweight World Champion via email to see if he would endorse it. 

“David Haye kindly replied, supplied signed fight posters for the QD and also stating his intent to visit the ship when we get back from deployment.”

The Boxing Gym has sparked huge interest with the Ship’s company and, along with effective and regular training from coach RPO Ian Peacock, HMS Monmouth aim to enter a team into the South West Novice Boxing Championships in Oct 13.

Ian said, “We have a small group of lads who are disciplined, dedicated and enthusiastic about the sport; they are hungry for their first bout and we will do whatever it takes to ensure they are ready when the time comes.”

The Hayemaker Gym is also a popular recluse for the crew looking to conduct their ‘Black Duke Navy Seals’ workouts. This 14 week programme consists only of body weight exercises, can be completed in a short period of time and uses an increase in repetitions each week to push the individual to their maximum effort every session.

The great thing about the programme is that it can be done on your own or in groups and is suited to personnel of any fitness and strength. Many people who would normally shy away from exercise are trying it and seeing results – a sense of progression and achievement is promoted and keeps them coming back for more.

Alongside the Navy seals workouts we have two deployment long competitions for the Ship’s Company to work towards. The first is ‘Monmouth’s Biggest Loser’, which 21 people have entered into. All entrants were gathered at the start of the deployment and given a progressive back to fitness programme.

The individuals had their body and weight measurements taken, with progress monitored by having all new measurements taken monthly and the results compiled from the combined score of the total weight lost plus total waist circumference lost.

Running concurrently for those already with a baseline of fitness is the ‘Monmouth’s Biggest Bosun’ competition.  33 people have entered to see who can put on the greatest amount of muscle mass over the deployment. Results are worked out from adding the combined measurements of the arms, chest and legs minus the waist circumference.

The monthly weigh-in results are put into league tables so individuals can see exactly where they rank against their shipmates! Needless to say, many of the lads love to promote that they have 'biggest chest' or the 'biggest biceps' onboard – a bit of banter is always good for morale!

HMS Monmouth’s RNFT stats currently read 100% in date and it is great to see the results of everyone taking advantage of the great facilities we have onboard.  

The spirit and enthusiasm shown towards physical training by everyone truly does make HMS Monmouth a ship that is ‘Fit to Fight’ at any time and certainly ‘Fit for Life’.