The CB90 is a great craft and we will be sorry to see them go back home

Colenol Garth Manger, Commanding Officer of 1 Assault Group Royal Marines

The Royal Marines gained insight into the aspects that CB90 could offer to fulfil the Royal Marines concept for a future force protection craft: low cost and autonomous craft which can be launched from the side of a ship to protect larger ships of a Task Group from enemy fast inshore attack craft. 

Any similar boats could also be a replacement for the personnel carrying landing craft.  The Royal Navy has yet to choose a final design for its future craft.

The visit was hosted by 1 Assault Group Royal Marines in Devonport and included a trip to 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines in Turnchapel.

To mark the occasion a regimental dinner was held at the Commando Forces Officers Mess at Royal Marine Barracks Stonehouse in Plymouth. 

Previous visits to Sweden have included traditional Swedish/Viking entertainment. By way of reciprocation, the meal was preceded by a performance by Mariners Away.

Mariners Away are a group of singers of traditional Royal Naval sea shanties from the Dartmoor area.

The group also performed at the last San Carlos Meal Rededication held at RMB Stonehouse, and they ask only for refreshments, travelling expenses and a donation to the RNLI in return.