I am excited by the opportunity to welcome the Vietnamese Navy on board in order to further strengthen the bond between our two Navies.

Commander Angus Essenhigh

In the development of the bilateral relationship between the UK and Vietnam a Strategic Partnership Agreement was signed in 2010; one of the first in Vietnam.

This has since been followed by a Defence Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in November 2011.

There are also plans to host a British Council graduation ceremony on board, celebrating the importance of education and increased access to academic and employment opportunities.

HMS Daring is a Portsmouth-based warship and is on a nine-month deployment around the world.  She has already clocked up more than 30,000 miles carrying out regional visits and engagements as well as military exercises and security in the Atlantic, the Eastern Seaboard of the USA, the Pacific, Australasia, the South China Sea and more recently humanitarian support in the Philippines.