Royal Navy Royal Marines Welfare office to office cycle

The Royal Navy Royal Marines Welfare (RNRMW) Office to Office Cycle sees a team from RNRMW riding approx 100 miles a day for 11 days as they visit all 20 RNRMW offices across the UK.

In addition to challenging the riders, this event will bring exposure to the RNRMW organisation which provides Welfare support to Service personnel and their families.

Donations are also welcomed which will go to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children's Fund who continue to provide support for the families and children of Service personnel that RNRMW work with on a daily basis


Why are we cycling 1000 miles in 11 days?

This event  is designed to promote and expand the following:

  • To promote the RNRMW organisation, its locations across the UK and the work they undertake with Service personnel and their families.
  • To welcome voluntary donations in support of the work undertaken with Service families by the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Children's Fund.
  • To develop the personal qualities essential to members of the Armed Services through a Cycle Touring Challenging Activity.
  • To introduce Servicemen and Women to endurance cycling and to provide the opportunity for them to learn about themselves whilst experiencing and planning a Challenging Activity.
  • To provide physical and mental challenges in an effort to develop character and leadership.
  • To develop and instil the importance of  teamwork whilst carrying out cycling on public highways across the UK.

RNRMW office to office BLOG

Keep up to date with the RNRMW team as they share their experiences of their extraordinary journey covering the length of the United Kingdom with you in this blog

team leader

neille adler

"The RNRMW Office to Office ride is a Cycle Touring Challenging Activity which will push the emotional and physical boundaries of those taking part to new limits."
“The team have put in 1000's of miles and spent many hours (some painful!) in the saddle so are well prepared to face the experiences and leadership challenges that  lay ahead. "

What do RNRMW do ?

The Royal Navy Royal Marines Welfare Team provide accessible support services that strengthen and enhance the resilience and resourcefulness of Naval Service personnel, their families and communities. 


The RNRMW Office to Office cycle team are proud to gratefully accept donations for the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Children's Fund

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