The Peregrine Trophy 2016

The award’s primary purpose is to encourage the production of eye-catching, powerful imagery that can be used in the media to demonstrate the Royal Navy and Royal Marine’s operations. The role of photography, portraying the work of the Royal Navy has never been more important.

Media operations have great operational significance and successful public relations are a key aspect of taking our message to an increasingly sophisticated public.

The Peregrine Trophy is awarded to the photographic section or unit submitting the best portfolio of six images of Service-related subjects captured throughout the year.

History of the Peregrine Trophy

The Peregrine Trophy first entered the RN Photographic Branch in 1962, taking its name from HMS Peregrine, a Royal Naval Air Station where photographic training once took place.

From 1962 the competition was held at the RN School of Photography at HMS Daeadalus, Lee on the Solent. The trophy was awarded to an individual photographer judged to have taken the best photograph during the preceding year. 

The trophy was first won by Naval Airman Nick Gosney from HMS Seahawk with a picture titled ‘Wren at play’ (a close up of a Wren with puffed out cheeks playing in the volunteer band at RNAS Culdrose).

In 1963 the Peregrine Trophy award grew and was awarded for 6 photographs in the categories of HM Ships, RN aircraft, trade activities, ceremonial, recreational activities and a free open subject. Today the Peregrine Trophy is still awarded to a unit or section with the best portfolio of 6 images depicting personnel, equipment and operations of today’s Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

It is a coveted prize which is deemed the highest award a photographer can win within the Royal Navy Photographic Branch.

Peregrine Trophy

History of the Royal Navy Photographic Branch

For nearly a century the men – and later women – of the Royal Navy’s Photographic Branch have been charged with capturing the actions of the Senior Service on operations, training and exercises around the globe.

Formed in 1919 initially for reconnaissance and intelligence purposes, the official photographers quickly developed a sideline – producing pictures for their shipmates to snap up.

Today the 42-strong photographic branch is busier than ever, recording the Royal Navy and Royal Marines at work – and at play – and supporting front-line missions.

After completing intensive training at the Defence School of Photography at RAF Cosford, photographers move to Royal Navy, Royal Marines or Fleet Air Arm bases to work alongside their colleagues.

They frequently spend six or seven months deployed with ships, squadrons or Royal Marines, sending images and video footage back to the UK for use by the nation’s media.

In short, wherever you find the Royal Navy on operations, you will find a Royal Navy photographer capturing vivid imagery to tell the Navy’s story.

Peregrine Trophy Winner 2016

Fleet Region Photographic Unit East (FRPU(E)) based at Whale Island Portsmouth, provides photographic support to all operational and non-operational ships in the eastern region.

This includes all MOD tendered units, establishments or units in the East of England that are complemented with or without a rating of the photographic specialisation.

Petty Officer (Photographer) JJ Massey is the head of the unit; the portfolio is a showcase of service life in HMS Bulwark, Ocean, Dauntless, Middleton, Somerset and a multinational exercise.

PO(Phot) Massey said: "I'm over the moon that FRPU(E) won; the images this year from every photographer were such an amazing standard it must have been hard to choose.

"The Royal Navy Photographers spend a lot of time away from home but this never dulls their passion for photography and I can honestly say it shows."

Peregrine Trophy 2017

Mobile News Team (Portsmouth) 

Awarded to the section or unit that has submitted the best portfolio of six prints (black and white and/or colour) of Service-related subjects.
Sponsor: Calumet

Commandant General Royal Marines Prize

Fleet photgraphic unit (North)

Awarded for the best portfolio of three prints, depicting Royal Marines related subjects.

Sponsor: Calumet

Maritime Air prize

Leading Photographer Ben Shred

Awarded for the best photograph of one or more Royal Navy helicopters, this category is specifically for rotary wing images.

Sponsor: Medialogix

Best Professional Image In Show

Chief petty officer Photographer thomas mcdonald

Considered by the judges to be the single best overall Naval image.

Sponsor: Nikon

Spirit of Diversity Award

Leading Photographer  dan rosenbaum

Awarded to the single best photograph, combining creativity and impact that illustrates the diversity and inclusive culture of the Naval Service.

Sponsor: EY

Royal Navy Photographer of the Year

Leading Photographer Will Haigh

Awarded to the best portfolio of 4 photographs of a Service-related subjects submitted by an individual.

Sponsor: Canon

Global Operations Award

Petty Officer Photographer Carl Osmond

Awarded to the best single image that is judged to create the most impact portraying our global maritime responsibilities.

RNRMC Family and Friends

Leading Photographer will haigh

This category encourages entrants to capture heart-warming moments between Naval Service personnel and their friends, family, children and loved ones.

Sponsor: RNRMC

the People's choice award

Leading Photographer dave jenkins 

Awarded to the photograph chosen by the Navy News readers.
Sponsor: Adobe

RN Amateur Photographer of the Year

Lieutenant Jamie Weller RN

Awarded to the best portfolio of 3 Service-related photographs submitted by an individual.

Sponsor: Lockheed Martin UK Ltd

Best Maritime Image

Petty Officer Photographer carl Osmond 

Awarded for the best photograph depicting Royal Navy or Royal Marines equipment, including ships, submarines, aircraft, weapons and equipment large & small.

Amateur Maritime Image Award

AB  Ben Corbett

The RN Amateur Maritime Image Award awarded to an individual for the best Maritime photograph of a ship, submarine or aircraft.

Sponsor: Lockheed Martin UK Ltd

RN Amateur Open Category Award

chief petty Officer michael weir

Awarded to the single best photograph of an RN/RM theme that combines creativity and impact.

Sponsor: Lockheed Martin UK Ltd

engineering excellence  Award

leading photographer ben shread

Awarded to the single best photograph, combining creativity and impact that illustrates engineering talent, that inspires future Naval Service Engineers, and informs  the wider public.
Sponsor:  NSSL

Sea Cadet Amateur Open Category

Sally James 

Awarded to the single best photograph of a Sea Cadet theme that combines technical excellence, creativity and impact.

Sponsor: Sea Cadets

Peregrine Trophy Video Winners 2016

RN short form Digital Story Telling Video Award

Awarded to the individual entry that best captures and tells a story of life in the Naval Service. The video must be under 90 Seconds and designed to be viewed on social media. Technical proficiency and craftwork will be judged, but the story chosen to be told and how the viewer is guided through the story will be key. 

Winner: Petty Officer Photographer Simon Ethell

Sponsor : E3

View video here

Royal Navy Video Production Award

Awarded to the best individual entry reflecting the RN/RM experience and core values, which can be of any Defence related subject including operational footage. Demonstrating creativity, technical proficiency, craftwork and appropriate ‘story telling’ impact in less than 4 minutes.

Winner: Leading Photographer Joel Rouse

Sponsor: CTN

View video here