HMS Sutherland (F81)

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HMS Iron Duke (F234)

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Location Norway

operations Cold Weather Training

The main purpose of this annual winter exercise is simple: to put the Royal Marines and Royal Navy through their paces in one of the planet’s most challenging environments. Arctic Norway is often snowbound for months at a time, and the unpredictable climate presents a number of life-threatening hazards.

42 Commando

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539 Raiding Squadron

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Extreme Environments

In all climates, on different vessels and testing terrains… The Royal Navy’s people thrive in some of the most extraordinary environments.

On ice

There is no harsher environment to live, work and fight in. Deep snow, ice, temperatures below -30°C. But with the right training, Royal Marines take all this in their stride and thrive.

Elite Fighting

Surviving and thriving as a Royal Marine across all terrains is no easy feat. That’s why we specialise in disciplines that take us up a level – like mountain leadership, heavy weapons anti-tank, or assault engineering.

Exercise Cold Response

Cold Response 2016 is a Norwegian-led joint winter exercise held in mountains and fjords of Central Norway.

Approximately 15,000 military personnel from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the USA, the United Kingdom and Norway are participating .

847 Naval Air Squadron

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845 Naval Air Squadron

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Sharing knowledge

Sharing expertise, resources and knowledge is key to a harmonious, globalised economy. Sometimes we help and train our partners and allies. Other times we benefit from their experience. This is central to strengthening bonds between nations. 

Reassuring our allies

The global trade Britain relies on also depends on the cooperation and goodwill of others. When tensions arise, our presence helps maintain stability by reassuring the powers involved – containing situations before they develop.


Warfare Specialist

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