Falklands 40 Veterans

Paying tribute to those who delivered liberation

In the spring of 1982, thousands of British forces travelled to the remote, bleak Falkland Islands off the east coast of South America in response to invasion by Argentine forces.

Carried by a mighty task force of Royal Navy vessels and Royal Fleet Auxiliary support ships, and assisted by cruise liners, tankers, cargo vessels and even tugs, 27,000 women and men were mobilised.

As winter descended on the South Atlantic, a bitter war raged for six weeks, resulting in the liberation and ongoing guardianship of the archipelago.

The Falklands Veterans

First-hand accounts from those who were there

In the spring of 2022, fully four decades after the outbreak of war, Royal Navy veterans Steve Tinney, Mark Eve, and John Strachan, sat down with current recruits in the service to discuss their experiences from the Falklands.

Meeting at Commando Training Centre, Lympstone, the veterans discussed a wide range of topics - from their feelings on the outbreak of the invasion to returning to the islands in calmer times and at peace.

Enlightening, emotional and evocative, this series of interviews brings into stark focus the realities of war and the sacrifices made.

Part 1 | Before the conflict

Starting the series of interviews, the veterans discuss their initial thoughts on discovering they were being sent to war,
and their knowledge of the Falklands beforehand.

"Nothing can prepare you for something like this." - Mark Eve

Mark Eve served as Stores Accountant on HMS Hecla.

He was 23 at the outbreak of war in 1982.

Part 2 | During the war

In this second discussion, the veterans talk about what it's like doing their duty in extreme conditions, miles from home.

"Suddenly here it was for real" - John Strachan

John Strachan served as a Weapon Engineering Mechanic on HMS Broadsword.

He was 23 in 1982 when he was sent to the Falklands.

Part 3 | Reflecting on the war

In this last video, the veterans reflect on what the war meant to them, returning to visit the Falkland Islands years later, and the Royal Navy of today.

"Very proud, very proud..." - Steve Tinney

Steve Tinney served as a Marine Engineering Mechanic on HMS Brilliant.

He was 31 in 1982.

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