Exercise Transglobe

On Saturday 25 July 2015 two service yachts set off from Portsmouth on the adventure of a lifetime. Personnel from the Royal Navy and Royal Airforce are crewing one boat, with the Army crewing the other boat.

They will complete a trip around the world, arriving back in August 2016. There’ll be 13 legs, with a crew change at each leg. In Australia, the yachts will take part in the world renowned Sydney-Hobart race 

A total of 392 women and men, both reserves and regulars, will take part. For many of the crew this will be their first experience of life afloat. They will have to deal with the demanding physical and mental challenges of ocean sailing. 

The 72 foot Challenger yachts expect to travel some 35,060 nautical miles, visiting a range of harbours around the world including:

-Rio de Janeiro
-Cape Town
-New York

The final leg will be from Halifax, in Canada, to Gosport, returning in August 2016.

about the yachts 

There are two 72ft yachts, ‘Adventure of Hornet’ and ‘Discoverer of Hornet’.

The yachts’ statistics are as follows:

  • Length overall: 72ft (22m)
  • Length of waterline: 61ft (19m)
  • Air draught: 95 ft (29m)
  • Draught full load: 10 ft (3.05m)
  • Displacement (half load): 40 tonnes
  • Ballast: 12.5 tonnes
  • Sail area (windward): 2,825 sq ft (262.5 m2)
  • Sail area (downwind): 4,020 sq ft (373 m2)
  • Water capacity: 390 gal (1,775 lt)
  • Fuel capacity: 475 gal (2,150 lt)
  • Hull: 50A mild steel
  • Deck: Stainless steel

'Adventure of Hornet', when called Aviva, was sailed singlehandedly around the globe by Dee Caffari and 'Discover of Hornet' was most recently used by the Ocean Youth Trust Scotland as a sail training yacht for disadvantaged Scottish children. 

They have recently been acquired by the MOD.

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You can keep up-to-date with the progress of the yachts via the YB Tracking Race Viewer

Why are we doing exercise transglobe?

Ex Transglobe is designed to promote and expand the following characteristics

  • To develop the personal qualities essential to members of the Armed Services through Adventurous Sail Training in a military environment.
  • To introduce Servicemen and Women to offshore and ocean sailing and provide the opportunity for them to learn about themselves whilst experiencing extreme Adventure Training.
  • To provide continuation training for more experienced yachtsmen in a more challenging environment.
  • To provide physical and mental challenges in an effort to develop character and leadership.
  • To develop and instil the importance of  teamwork whilst carrying out arduous Off-shore and ocean sailing.


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