Village Fayre

Village Fayre

Located near the Main Entrance, the Village Fare comprises of local businesses selling local food, drink and craft items.

These include:

Caymanas Rum Cakes (a family recipe and very tasty!  Mellow & Moist, unique, authentic and presented in superb packaging with a long shelf life due to the blended Rums!)

My Mum’s Cakes (gluten free cakes, sweets & savoury pies & chocolate treats from My Mum’s Cakes & My Dad’s Pies)

Stumpy’s Brewery (bottled beer & cider)

Wendy’s Preserves (homemade jams, chutneys & fruit flavoured spirits)

Hill Farm Juice (award winning apple juice lovingly made from hand picked fruit to produce a variety of different flavours & characteristics)

Burley Fudge (Homemade fudge from The New Forest producing delicious confectionery of the highest quality from clotted cream fudge to spicy chilli chocolate fudges)

Conker Spirit - Dorset Gin (mix at your pleasure, but this gin can hold it’s own)

The Ancient Mariner (a range of premium strength spirits, whisky, gin & rum together with our own company made liqueurs including the Lord Nelson Spiced Rum Liqueur & No1 London Brandy Liqueur)