Tasks of the Crews

The competition simulates the drill which would have been undertaken to bring a naval field gun into action during the march to Ladysmith. This is what the drill involves.

1st Advance, 1st Wheel Change

The limber is assembled on the 10 yard line, its wheels, pins and drag ropes are shipped and it is run forward towards, then stopped, on the 30 yard line.

The wheels from the gun on the 40 yard line, are exchanged with the limber wheels. The gun and limber wheels each weigh 100lbs; the gun itself weighs approximately 1200lbs, the limber about 350lbs.

On completion of the first wheel change the limber is run forward towards the opposite half of the 40 yard line.

The trail of the gun is pushed/pulled around to engage with the pintle pin at the back of the limber and connected, then both are run forward.

2nd Advance, 1st Action

The gun is unhooked (unlimbered) from the back of the limber and the limber is run towards the 70 yard line where it is forcibly rotated to face the start; its wheels are removed and it is dropped to the ground.

The gun is run to the end of the track, turned and stopped.

The gun is fired three times, each shell being run to the gun from the limber by the fastest man in the crew.

1st Retire, 2nd Wheel

On completion of the firing of the third shell the limber is reassembled; wheels, pins and drag ropes are shipped and it is run back and hooked to the gun.

Gun and limber together are then run towards the 63 yard line, stopped and lifted together to exchange wheels. This is the heaviest lift of the run with a combined weight of just over an imperial tonne.

2nd Retire, 2nd Action

On completion of the second wheel change the gun and limber are disconnected (unlimbered).

The limber speeds back to the 30 yard line with the gun following close behind to re-position on the 40 yard line.

Three shells are once again transferred from limber to gun.

The gun is fired three times to complete the second action.

3rd Retire and Finish

The limber is run back and hooked to the gun then every member of the crew takes the strain to run for home from 40 yards out.

Having crossed the finish line the crew must brace themselves to bring the equipment to an abrupt halt within the 30 yard stopping distance before forming on the start line to signify the completion of the run.


Time penalties are added to the running time for each contravention of the rules.

There are 34 possible penalties.

The track is 85 yards long, therefore the run covers 170 yards in total.


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