The Royal Navy amateur radio society (RNARS)

The Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society or RNARS was set up to foster radio amateur activity within the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

When it was set up the main modes of communication were Morse code and voice on short wave also known as HF or high frequency and on VHF.

These days the modes of communication are so many and so diverse it is sometimes hard to keep up with them. 

Amateur Radio enthusiasts occasionally known as radio hams bounce signals off the moon, have a range of satellites in orbit at any one time, communicate with astronauts in the International Space Station, have their own TV stations and sometimes use a PC to interpret and generate signals on their equipment. 

And yes, some still use Morse code.

The hobby appeals to all ages as there are so many different aspects to get involved with. 

Some people like to build equipment, others prefer to operate, some like to take part in contests where the idea is to contact as many other amateurs as possible within a given time, others prefer to ‘ragchew’ or just chat to friends, often across many continents.

The HQ of the RNARS is here in HMS Collingwood.  Our ‘shack’ is the building at the edge of the car park with the 2 large masts where we meet regularly, run training courses, hold exams for Amateur Radio licences and perhaps most importantly operate a variety of equipment.

Membership is no longer confined to just members of the RN and RM.  We are open to a wide range of other organisations such as MOD civilians, Sea Cadets, Merchant Navy and many others.

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The Royal Navy amateur radio society (RNARS)

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