Recognising that 2018 has been declared nationally as the 'Year of Engineering', Arena 2 will have a focus on science and technology.

Gyroscope Ride - Should you ever decide to go up in space, where we all know there is no gravity, this is what you will have to practise on.

Okay, NASA's version might be a little bigger and cost more, but the principle is exactly the same. We've all seen film of astronauts floating around the Space Station and that's exactly what you can imagine doing when we strap you into our Gyroscope Ride. It really is amazing fun and most people find that one go is not enough.

Neuron Race Machine - The biggest challenge with The Neuron Race Machine is to get people to stop playing so that someone else can have a go.

It is a totally hypnotic game that requires total focus, commitment, speed and concentration. The two players stand at each end of the machine and when the game starts they will see eight illuminated discs in front of them lighting and dimming in a totally random way. For 90 seconds they each have to hit as many lit discs as possible to ultimately see who the speed champion is.

Marlborough Building

Science Show - Ian Dunne 'The Professor' will be performing morning and afternoon his own acclaimed 'Science Stand Up' Show.

Airframes  - Visitors will have the opportunity to see Wasp and Gazelle helicopters as well as the cockpit of a Harrier fighter.

Dive Tank - back by popular demand the Southern Area Diving Association will be providing a diver in a tank.

Steam Lorry - A marvel of engineering, the 83 year old  Super Sentinel will be providing rides throughout the day.

Hydrogen Hero - At the other end of the scale from the Steam Lorry, the University of Birmingham will be demonstrating their futuristic hydrogen-powered locomotive.

Model Warships - The Surface Warship association will be displaying part of their collection of intricate scale models of warships from a variety of periods, types, and nationalities.


Music stage - featuring the Military Wives' Choir and local bands.

Crazy Golf course - Nine holes of absolute unadulterated fun.

Bungee Run - Two people are attached by elasticated ropes - one in each lane.  When the word Go! is given, the contestants run forward to place their velcro pad on the marker line. They need to do it before the force of the elastic pulls them back to where they started from.

UK Garrison - The UK's largest Star Wars costuming group will be in attendance to meet and have pictures taken with.

Plus information/recruitment stands from all three Services and the local Reserve units, as well as Thales UK.

Collingwood Open Day 2018

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