On board Britain's nuclear submarine: Trident

Watch the new TV documentary 'On Board Britain's Nuclear Submarine: Trident' - airing on Wednesday 04 November at 9 pm on Channel 5.

'On board Britain's nuclear submarine: Trident' is an ARTLAB one episode documentary that focusses on the operations and characters within Vanguard Class submarine HMS Vengeance.

The programme is centred around the crew of HMS Vengeance and their experiences on board the boat as they prepare for their deployment on Operation Relentless, the longest enduring military operation ever conducted by the UK Armed Forces.

It will air on Wednesday 4th November at 9 pm, on Channel 5. Visit the Channel 5 website to find out more about the series.

Want to find out more about HMS Vengeance?

Click below and meet the boat featuring in the Channel 5 documentary.

HMS Vengeance

HMS Vengeance

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