HMS Prince Wales visit to Liverpool

Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales will visit Liverpool in a demonstration of the Naval Service’s close ties with the city.

The second of the Royal Navy’s giant new aircraft carriers will arrive in the city on 28 February for a week-long visit packed with celebrations and engagement with the local community.

Over the weekend of 29 February people will be able to step on board - the first time one of the new aircraft carriers has officially been open to visitors with tickets. Unfortunately due to such high demand all tickets have now sold out, however there is still plenty to see and do.

Members of the public can view HMS Prince of Wales from public areas along Liverpool's waterfront such as Princes Parade. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will also be a Military Village packed with things to see and do, including:

  • The Royal Navy dive tank
  • Aircraft including Lynx and Gazelle helicopters
  • Royal Marines Commandos unarmed combat display
  • Royal Marines offshore raiding craft
  • RAF static facsimile typhoon
  • Army fitness challenge
  • Army Masterchef challenge
  • The Band of HM Royal Marines Scotland 
  • Royal Navy, Army, and Royal Air Force outreach vehicles

The Military Village is situated along Canada Boulevard at Liverpool's Pier Head leading up to Princes Parade.

How to get there