Royal Naval Reserve Live Event, Portsmouth

Join us for a Royal Naval Reserves Live event in Portsmouth at HMS King Alfred.

WHEN: Time TBC, 15th Septembere (Please arrive for 0945, and ideally be prepared to stay until 1500)                                                            
WHERE: HMS King Alfred, Portsmouth, Whale Island PO2 8ER, Portsmouth

Everyone’s welcome at our ‘Royal Naval Reserve Live’ event. You’ll have the opportunity to meet serving Reservists and other Navy personnel, who will be on hand to answer your questions about life in the Royal Naval Reserves.

You’ll need to register to attend by calling us on 0345 600 3222, and we can also help if you have any questions ahead of the event. By registering there is no obligation to join. The day includes a free Lunch and a tour of a Warship.

Eligibility: Age 16 - 40 (older limits apply for ex-regular, medical and chaplaincy applicants)

Residency: 5 years UK residency immediately prior to application

Nationality: UK, Irish or Commonwealth citizens with an Indefinite Leave to Remain visa

Parents are welcome to attend with Young Adults.

Want to find out more about life as a reservist? Watch the video below or visit the Royal Naval Reserve pages of the website here


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