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Aside from traditional sports there are many other physical and mental activities you can take part in. Here are a few other ways to build a well honed body and an active mind.


Stay Active, Stay Fit

Keeping active is key to a healthy lifestyle and maintaining physical and mental fitness. Not everyone is naturally drawn to more traditional sport however. With a range of activities adding value to the Royal Navy's repertoire, we hope to cater to as many tastes and interests as possible.

We also ensure time and support is given to these activities, with the best equipment, advice and support in place to help you get what you want from your chosen interest, whether that's to have fun, socialise and enjoy your down time, or to step up to competition.

From hard cardio training with weights and a varied fitness program, through to transporting a piece of heavy military equipment with the Blue Riband RN competition of Field Gun, or improving your reflexes and tactical skill in a computer game, you can get active with us.

royal navy personnel using rowing machine on deck by helicopter

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