Become a coach or Official

Use your skills and knowledge to train others in your chosen sport or ensure fair play in the field.

Become a Coach

Although sports have different requirements, they all display the same framework that allows individuals from their early involvement to be an experienced coach. This framework is the RN Sport Continuum.

Success at each level, from grassroots through to elite, inspires others to strive for similar attainment. This framework may also attract recruitment and inspire personnel retention within the Royal Navy.

As a coach you'll assist participants in developing their full potential, helping them improve their own performance.

A good coach believes that the individual always has the answer to their own challenges, but understands that they may need help to find the solution.

ski instructor dressed in red giving training to participant in blue

Become an Official

The main role or duty of a sports official, such as a referee, umpire or judge, is to make sure that the rules or laws of the game they're officiating are being adhered to by participants. Officials will explain the rules as needed and ensure that all participants understand these rules. An official will also make calls regarding whether rules are broken and assess penalties and their outcomes.

Communication, Leadership and Game Management are all important attributes to be an effective Official.

Next Steps

Coaching is a great way to stay involved and nurture the next generation of  athletes. High quality coaching is central to recruiting, retaining and developing skills as an individual; as part of a team or both.

If you have a keen eye, good recall of rules and procedures and a well developed sense of fair play you might want to consider becoming a sports official. 

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