Table Tennis

Whether you're interested in playing competitively, burning calories or improving your overall fitness levels, there are opportunities everywhere with this fast-paced sport.

Royal Navy Table Tennis

From grassroots to representative level we have a key objective to challenge the best players in the Service to achieve success in domestic table tennis, in order to stretch their individual and collective ability and to raise the profile of the Royal Navy in the sport.

Whatever level you play table tennis at, whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced player, our mission is to maximise the opportunities for all to participate in regular table tennis, wherever they may serve, as players and officials.

A fast-paced game which demands focus, attention, strong cardio and pin-point accuracy, games are played across singles and doubles formats, making table tennis perfect not just to increase fitness, competitive edge and discipline, but to also harness the social aspect of team and individual sports.

red shirted table tennis player returning with backhand

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We currently run two teams in the Gosport and Fareham League and encourage teams to enter into other leagues, such as: Plymouth, Helston, Yeovil and Helensburgh, where membership fees will be met by us.

The wider table tennis team has recently attended a successful training camp in Hungary too, and is currently investigating potential opportunities for further tours.

To get involved, just get in touch.

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