Mountain biking

A popular and easily accessible activity and suitable in most UK weather, you can mountain bike across a mountain trail, a coast pathway or take on the technical challenges of a bike park.

Royal Navy Mountain Biking

We provide opportunities for everyone to get involved with mountain bike racing. A competitive sport which boosts and build fitness levels, it's suitable in most of the great British weather, with even rain and mizzle rarely being a problem. Often allowing access deeper into a mountain range than you may typically achieve on foot too, we support two key disciplines: Gravity Enduro (GE) and Downhill (DH).

GE mountain bike racing is gravity orientated held on off-road terrain. Best explained as a rally on bikes, it's a long event covering large distances with numerous sections against the clock.

DH mountain biking is practised on steep, rough terrain that often features jumps, drops, rock gardens and other obstacles.

royal navy mountain biker in green and turquoise kit making a jump, with blue sky and cloud topped hills in background

Off-road courses

Cyclo Cross

Cyclo-cross (CX) races typically take place through the autumn and winter months.

Each CX race takes place on a short circuit, typically 1.5 to 2.5 miles (2.5 to 3.5 km) in length, over an extensive number of laps. Courses typically feature a variety of terrains, such as: paved tracks, wooded trails, grass banks and verges, and steep hills. A range of obstacles are also to be found at points around the course, literally challenging the rider at every turn. While much of the course can be ridden, the real secret to success is the ability to quickly dismount, carrying the bike while navigating many of the obstructions on foot (often in slippery underfoot conditions), remounting and picking up the pedalling pace without losing too much time.

MTB Cross Country

MTB Cross Country (XC) racing is a mass start bike race, off road, with the first rider over the finish line being the winner.

MTB XC races often use parkland, woodland and forestry sites, with the terrain chosen to incorporate climbs, descents and a range of challenging and demanding technical features. Looped courses are designed and built specifically for events with man-made technical features such as 'rock gardens' incorporated to increase the level of technical challenge.

Gravity Enduro

Gravity Enduro (GE) is a competitive event held on off-road terrain which has its focus on how fast the downhill sections of a course can be completed. Essentially, it's a rally on mountain bikes.

GE races are most typically over a ranging course and make for a challenging long event covering large distances. With numerous sections against the clock throughout the course, riders are tested physically, technically and mentally, with his or her stamina coming to the fore as the event progresses.


Downhill (DH) mountain biking is a genre of mountain biking practised on steep, rough terrain that often features jumps, drops, rock gardens and other obstacles.

DH races take place over winding, continuous courses which are marked up on each side of the course by tape along its length. Formats of races vary, with riders typically having one or two attempts at completing the course in the fastest time possible. With penalties for crossing the marked course, riders have to choose their route carefully, often electing for a longer line with fewer obstacles, that may prove faster than a shorter, obstruction filled option.

Get involved

We are all about making mountain biking available to as many serving and ex-serving personnel as possible.

Whatever your skill level or experience, we'll give you opportunities you need; to learn, train, develop and compete all over the UK and further afield. Join us, and you become part of a team.

To get involved and "Ride, Race and Win", just get in touch.

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